About Us

Who Are We?

Serving in the international arena with a modern, stylish and well-design silhouette, Aydenim offers thousands of original and innovative design products for domestically and abroad. We believe in the change of fashion, and by keeping up with this dynamics, we serve the sector with an innovative perspective. Since we can internalize the spirit and variability of denim, we can understand the different expectations of our customers and show a solution-oriented approach. For this reason, we understand the importance of diversity in our relations with our customers, and offer our customers quality and trouble-free service.

Monthly Capacity (pcs)
Production Area (m2)
MOQ (pcs)
4-6 Week
Production Lead Time
Our Mission

In line with the vision we have determined, our primary mission is to produce solutions by providing the best and fast return to all requests of our customers with the cooperation of our experience in the sector and all our employees who provide added value to Aydenim.

Our Vision

It is our primary vision to deliver our stylish, well-designed and fashionable products that appeal to the eyes to large masses at local and national levels and to become one of the trend-setting brands.

Environmental Policy

Respect for nature and our environment for a sustainable world is one of the most important issues Aydenim is sensitive to. During all of our activities for a sustainable environment and the future, we maintain our environmental awareness and take measures to preserve our nature. We contribute to a sustainable world by remembering that we have responsibilities towards the environment during all of our actions and processes. In this sense, we follow the legal requirements to prevent environmental pollution and provide the appropriate conditions for the protection of our environment and nature. For this reason, we preserve our sensitivity to the environment from the first to the last stage of production, take all kinds of precautions to protect our nature and ensure its continuity.